We Tikopia


  • Sunday 10/2
12:00 - 13:00

Documentary film We Tikopia, an island in the Pacific Ocean made by Corto Fajal, and introduced by John Erling Utsi. The islanders have a close relationship with their island. Tikopia is a living essence, a spirit participating in all daily activities and in decision-making gatherings.  

Speaker voice in Sami and subtitle in English.A film by Corto Fajal in cooperation with Sámi Kompania.
On Tikopia, a small isolated island in the Solomon Islands archipelago, an original Polynesian civilization developed and survived, in which the inhabitants consider their island to be alive.
She is involved in all acts of daily life and participates in the major decisions taken during the council which gathers the tribal chiefs around King Ti Namo to decide their common destiny.
"Nous, Tikopia" is built around this relationship between the island and its inhabitants and is told through the dialogue between the island and Ti Namo.
The history of a people takes place, the stakes are being drawn... and it is finally a piece of the great history of humanity that is being told: Tikopia as a miniature land, mirrors the reflection on our world, the impact of our modern societies, questions us about the relationship with our territories of life, and draws the conjunction of interactions that can decide on the future.
  • Ájtte, Svenskt Fjäll- och Samemuseum - Auditorium
  • Kyrkogatan 3 962 31 Jokkmokk
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