Jokkmokk’s Winter Market - a consecutive tradition since 1605

The market in Jokkmokk has, for over 400 years, been a meeting place at the Lule River where people and cultures meet and where goods and services are exchanged among a crowd of people, market stalls and trade.
Jokkmokk’s market inaugural market was in 1605 and is now one of the worlds oldest, yearly recurring, markets. Today it’s the most important event for cultural and creative industries in Nordkalotten, the most northern part of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia and has an exceptional position as a meeting place for the Sami, the indigenous people of the area, Sápmi.

For the inhabitants of Jokkmokk the Market is the hub around which the year is happening – the true New Years. The market place’s starting day is alway the first Thursday in February, when the
midwinter still has its strong hold on Jokkmokk. The snow is still dry and squeak and glisten under your feet and the temperature can plummet to minus forty degrees, or colder and the northern lights quite often perform its peculiar dance on the dark canopy of the Arctic/Polar sky.

The epicentre of Jokkmokk’s Market is the market place with almost 2 kilometres full of stalls.
During the market days there are many other activities arranged as well, such as exhibitions of all kinds, concerts, lectures, nature-experiences, vernissages, gastronomic experiences, workshops and a number of other events.

The Arctic frame, the Polar night, the many cultural meetings and the four hundred years of unbroken tradition creates something that is completely unique in the world, something that can only be experienced on site.

Some of the things you can find at Jokkmokk's market

Food Experiences

The classical Renraiden (a Sami tradition of moving the reindeer herd)

Market and Commerce

Reindeer race on Lake Talvatis

A Meeting Place

Concerts, Exhibitions and other Events

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